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Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber – honest robber Bob, who has declared war on mafia and corruption. Help Bob to pass through the dangerous and well-protected levels to rob dishonest and “bad” people. In addition to the main goal, it is possible to find various valuable items in the most unexpected places. Do not forget to read the various posts on the walls, they can be very useful, for example; there can be written code of some locked door. Our hero in a mask is a modern Robin Hood, who is fighting corruption in his hometown, taking the excess of fortune from greedy mafia bosses and presidents of corporations. You have to secretly visit a number of buildings, along the way collecting valuable findings. But do not think that robbing the rich is an easy task! They have security guards, ready to grab any intruder, and protecting systems qt their disposal. Hide in the shadows to avoid being caught by the camera, cut the wires to disable the laser barriers, pick locks and find passwords for steel doors. Remember, if the alarm is triggered too often, you will go to jail! Spend the stolen money to buy useful items for the robber. From early childhood Thief Bob wanted to go by the way of crime. He was attracted by adventures, danger and the prospects offered by this world. He kept training for many years, sharpening his skills until he finally found a couple of worthy “jobs”. Now, when malicious rich have showed up in the city, thief Bob will do everything possible to deprive them of their status. Even though such people don`t do dirty business, they hide behind the guise of politicians, plundering the city treasury, and similar funds. So do what you have to do: entering the first house. Naturally, such houses have alarm systems everywhere. Alarm is turned on, the camera watches the corridors. In some places you can even meet robots. Bob has to use his agility at maximum to quietly pass through such dangerous places. Often it will be enough to break a couple of electronic panels, boards, to disable the laser beams, or something like that. Do not hesitate to check all the corners. Each box and the box can conceal secrets. The wealth is spread everywhere. Control of the game: Movement – the side varrow keys, collecting money / unlock the locks / theft – up arrow, hit with a stick – space, enter the code – 0-9, improvement – Z, X, C, pause – P. Your main task is to crack a few safes. Good luck!

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